SUNSTATE UTILTIY MANAGEMENT is one of the largest water, wastewater and monitoring well service companies in Yuma and Southern La Paz Counties, Southern Arizona. Our reputation in both the private and public sector is well known. Our clients include many small City, Mobile Home Park and private water, wastewater, and monitoring well systems. We are qualified to provide services in a number of related environmental areas. If you are in need of operator, information or management services, please call for a  consultation. In addition, we also manage billings for water and wastewater companies.

Sunstate began in 1985 with two wastewater plants in Apache Junction, Arizona. Package plants were a new idea in those days and we have grown as the industry has grown. In late 1990 we visited Yuma, AZ and made a bid for the operations and maintenance of Yuma Proving Grounds Sewer system.  We won that bid and had the contract for over 20 years.

Throughout the following years, we have grown. Sunstate now operates 14 wastewater plants with many service connections.

We operate many local  water facilities. Several small towns and seasonal RV Parks are among our clients. Other clients are two Bureau of Land Management contracts, one in Arizona, and one in California.

Sunstate provides billing services for 8 clients with a total of 2000+ connections. We handle customer service, depsoits, connections, disconnects, repairs, and complaints.   have us  We can design the best customer service and requirements for your system.




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